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theolijeako: What is your favourite Kate bush picture?

I’d tend to say that each new picture that comes up is my new favourite, but here are some of my absolute favs.

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Promotional shot for “The Dreaming”, 1982.

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Kate Bush by Brian Aris. 

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Anonymous: Do you post pictures of Kate from the mid 80s? Like after she released her hounds of love album

Nope, I wrote it in the blog description. If you ask me why, it mainly is because I have a great preference for her earlier stuff, and I wanted to be somewhat ‘original’ when I created this blog, idk… I don’t even collect pics of ‘mid 80s to 2010s’ Kate anyway, though I must have seen them all…

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trellick-tower said: Any idea who she is with? Looks like they’re exchanging albums..?

I have no idea who that girl is. I know that Kate performed a few of her songs (plus several Beatles covers) with a japanese girls band called ‘Pink Lady’ while she was promoting The Kick Inside in Japan, but the girl she’s been photographed with doesn’t look like one of their members…There also was a caption under the pictures but unfortunately, I cannot read kanjis.

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Kate Bush during her trip in Japan, 1978. 

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Look at what my mom bought me today!! Both vinyls are in excellent, almost near mint condition!! Seeing Kate’s face with such precision is wonderful and the sleeve colours are mesmerizing. These are my new treasure.

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Kate Bush in London, 1979.

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