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theolijeako: Have you ever thought about what 'Room for the Life' could be about and how do you think Kate felt about this song? I was talking to a KB fan about this a few days ago, I said it could be about Kate speaking her view against abortion, and the person said that she thinks that all women are strong when standing next to men, what do you think Kate could be talking about?

This is an interesting interpretation, but not really the one I personally get from the song. And I could be putting the cart before the horse, but I highly doubt Kate is against abortion. To me ‘Room For The Life’ is basically Kate’s celebration of the female energy. She’s cheering women up by saying that even if they can be hurt or get through bad times, they own the strength needed to overpass it. They’re made special, because they can give birth to another human being.

Here is Kate’s self-explanation of the song: “People thought that song was feminist which disappointed me. It was actually saying we should go a bit easier on men because we are the ones with survival inside us, we carry the next generation, we have the will to keep going, we keep bouncing back.

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bjjork: yo what ya think of bjork

I’m afraid I haven’t listened enough of her music to really judge her. From what I’ve heard I would say that I’m not really a fan, but still I think she’s great.

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Anonymous: Could you upload all of Kate's demos?

You can easily find them across the Web, but I’ll do a masterpost and make sure to upload the best quality of each one soon. :)

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Title: The Wedding List (Demo)
Artist: Kate Bush
Album: The Never For Ever Demos
460 plays

I’ll feel good in your blood and your pain. I’ll blow a hole right through your brain and I’m coming for you!
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Anonymous: I know it's a really old post I'm answering to, but a lot of KB fans ARE haughty and snobbish, I guess you're just really lucky to have only ever encountered the ones that aren't. But every fanbase has its bad apples and the larger the fanbase, the more apparent this will be.

Of course there are some, but I think it’s just not fair to make such stupid generalities. I, for my part, never been rude to anyone because I was a kate fan, nor anyone has ever been to me. idk I think the tour made me realize how solidary and generous most kb fans are, and I just felt kind of sad that old and/or tiny rants impinge the whole fandom’s image. Most kate bush fans aren’t scornful. That’s not true.

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theolijeako: Who is the fella wearing the glasses with Kate in that picture where she was with fans? I think he was in the dreaming promotional shoots

You’re probably talking about Gary Hurst, one of Kate’s long-time collaborators who was also one of her dance partners during ‘The Tour Of Life’. You can see a clearer pic of his face here (he’s the one on the right) and actually, it’s not him. The guy you’re looking for could be Pete Still, a british photographer who shot several candid pics of Kate from 1979 to 1982. Can’t be sure about it, though.

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