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theolijeako: Favourite Kate Bush B-Side?

This is quite a tricky question, but ‘Warm and Soothing’ is my definitive choice. This is also my all-time favourite song from KB. That said, if I had to pick one song for the rest of my life, I’d be very sad.

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angusandtheappletree: Hey, i love your blog so much, it's so lovely too see a big Kate fan who is a very similar age to me (i turned 16 on the 26th of June), some of these photos are really cool to look at especially really old KB photos. I hope you have so much fun at the concert in september/august, i really wish i could come with you hahaha! But yeah do you know any decent ticket reseller sites for Before The Dawn tickets? Much Love - Ryan :))) x

Your message is lovely. Thank you! :) I don’t have anyone in mind right now, but if I hear of that, I will let you know! xx

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Tears o'er a tin box, 
Oh Jesus Christ, he wasn't to know
Like a chicken with a fox
He couldn't win the war with ego
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Anonymous: yes that's the army dreamers performance i'm talking about, and yup with captions would be lovely. thanks :)

Sorry anon but as you didn’t answer before I already made the gifs without captions. I’ll put some lyrics as a text under the gifset. I’ll post it tomorrow. Hope you’ll like it. xx

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theolijeako: Can you make a gif of Kate performing strange phenomena in the efteling haunted house? With lyrics

Sure! At least I’ll try my best… I have already a request to make so I will post yours in a few days. :)

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zappasting: I'm so happy I found your blog! So much Kate Bush awesomeness ^^ Thank you for your brilliant blog. Aaand I'm curious what your favorite Kate Bush album is.

This is so kind of you!! Thank you! *hugs*

I love The Kick Inside and Never For Ever almost equally but if I had to pick one, I’d probably choose The Kick Inside.

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Kate Bush at holidays, 1982. 

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Title: Feel It
Artist: Kate Bush
Album: The Kick Inside
690 plays

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Anonymous: can you please gif the army dreamers germany performance? it would make a great gifset.

Yeah, of course. I just wanna be sure we talk about the same performance, do you mean this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_jEOj0Exi0  And do you want me to add the matching lyrics on each gif or not?

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Kate Bush by Gered Mankowitz. 
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Kate Bush photographed by Patrick Lichfield, 1980. 

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