Title: The Disbelieving Angel
Artist: Kate Bush
Album: The Phoenix Demos
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Why should I whisper in a church? Because they say it’s sacred ground? You see, there’s nothing here, I’ve found.
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I love the whirling of the Dervishes, I love the beauty of rare innocence. You don’t need no crystal ball, don’t fall for a magic wand! We humans got it all, we perform the miracles.
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I’ll be off for a few days cause I’m visiting my family during the vacation. I put up a queue so the blog won’t stay dead. I wish everyone who’s gonna see Kate lots of fun, see you next week xx

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all kate bush fans on tumblr are gone because there’s this fucking documentary on the BBC and I can’t watch it in France FUCK

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Little, Brown are publishing a new edition of Cathy by John Carder Bush! First published as a run of just 500 copies in 1986, Cathy is a collection of photographs by John Carder Bush of his sister Kate as a young girl, with accompanying text. This new edition – the first printing since the original edition – includes a new introduction by John Carder Bush and eight previously unpublished photographs.

I can’t

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theolijeako: What is your favourite Kate bush picture?

I’d tend to say that each new picture that comes up is my new favourite, but here are some of my absolute favs.

Promotional shot for “The Dreaming”, 1982.

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